Medical Tourism for Anti-Aging in Costa Rica Mexico and Panama hGH Therapy

Medical Tourism is a fast growing and emerging global trend. Savvy individuals from the United States and Canada searching for an economic edge with anti-aging and the epidemic of preventable age related chronic diseases are taking their elective and intervention medical care abroad. The health care system has failed the majority of US and Canadian citizens who are obese and overweight at record levels. This is increasing at an alarming rate. Convention medicine in the industrialized world continues to treat symptoms with patented pharmaceutical medications and invasive medical procedures to extend the life of a sick population. Many Americans are now waking up and recognizing there are new and healthy alternatives that promote health and longevity. More importantly, these alternatives are available with highly trained, highly skilled doctors that understand how to care for their patients while educating these patients about healthier alternatives.

The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic’s international treatment centers are helping those that want to step out of the unhealthy paradigm of aging with chronic diseases, and into a new paradigm that intervenes before it is too late. By managing key biochemical factors using the latest supplements and hormone replacement therapies, many of the common measures of these chronic diseases consisting of heart disease, hypertension, adult onset diabetes, pre-diabetes, and others can be reduced and in many cases eliminate. Using cutting edge treatment coupled with the more accurate information on diet and exercise, the industrialized world’s unhealthy lifestyle and their common diseases can be avoided.

Currently the Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic has three international treatment centers. Two are located in Costa Rica and one in Mexico. In 2016, a new state of the art wellness treatment center will be opened in Panama. Not since Cenegenics exposed many US Citizens to alternative intervention medicine has a wellness medical business grown so rapidly in such a short time.

The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic’s treatment centers can deliver cutting edge age management services for a fraction of the total costs of US Medical Clinics. Special interests in various segments have sabotaged the truth about health and wellness. If you are looking for value without special interests driving policy, regulations and your health care, look outside of the US and Canada. When it comes to health care, if you continue to follow the same recommendations made by the status quo, you may find you are one of many of the first generation to die sooner than your parents.

Obesity and chronic diseases are unfortunately out of control. By working with highly skilled physicians who understand the medicine of anti-aging, you can loose weight, improve body composition, and reduce significantly (and in some cases eliminate) most if not all common risk factors for age related chronic diseases plaguing the industrialized world.

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