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Is Cenegenics a Scam?

U.S. Executives and professionals are testing a controversial treatment that is quite expensive. It’s hormone replacement therapy to combat the effects normallyIs cenegenics a scam, does cenegenics work, cenegenics reviews, Cenegenics Program associated with the aging process. So, does it work, or “is cenegenics a scam?

First, let’s talk about testosterone replacement, one of the most common hormones in hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Testosterone deficiency in men may be linked to congenital problems, illness, stress and cardiovascular problems among others. It’s a growing problem throughout the industrialized world. Men in the modern era especially have been seeing a decline in this very important hormone.

From the age of 30, both men and women will see a decline in hormone production in the body, including testosterone.

The majority of testosterone used in hormone replacement therapies is produced artificially in laboratories from plants such as soy or yams. However, the molecular structure of these bio-identical hormone is precisely constructed to reproduce exactly the same composition as the  body produces. Therefore, bio-identical hormone replacement is the type of hormone replacement most widely recommended.

Other types of non bio-identical hormones are referred to as synthetic. At the molecular level these hormones are slightly different than our own. Synthetic hormone replacement should only be used as a last resort, while bio-identical hormone replacement should be investigated and used more frequently to reduce the effects caused from aging.

The next important hormone is human growth hormone. Human growth hormone (hGH) is often referred to as the master hormone. hGH is responsible for our growth when we are children. It is also responsible for the repair and regeneration of human tissue throughout our entire lives. Without adequate hGH production, we suffer frailty syndrome and show signs of aging much sooner and much more rapidly.

By the age of 30 years old, our hGH production is only approximately 20% of its peak levels when we were children. From age 30 on, our levels will decline approximately 12%-15% per decade. Some will see even more rapid decline which may  be why some of us age more gracefully than others.

Many patients that come to us often consider Cenegenics as a scam because of the price. They think it costs too much for treatment. The Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic serves Cenegenics patients searching for a more economical approach to hormone replacement therapy. Our programs get results. Many of our patients have been generous and provided video testimony as to the validity of our techniques. CLICK HERE FOR TESTIMONIAL PAGE.

Over the years we have seen less doctors in the United States prescribe a full course of hGH replacement therapy without requiring their patients to forego a lengthy and inconvenient process of testing and alternative therapies. Why? Perhaps this is due to the stigma and fear mongering surrounding this controversial treatment (READ DR. FORSYTHE’S BOOK “ANTI-AGING CURES” AVAILABLE ON AMAZON). Many doctors have been intimidated by regulatory bodies and by their peers not to prescribe this master hormone hGH. Therefore, this is leading to inflated prices (or scam if you will) to the price of treatment by those treatment centers that prescribe it. It seems that only Hollywood Movie Stars, Professional Athletes and wealthy Elites have the resources to effectively navigate the health care system in order to get treatment.

Although the most common treatment for testosterone deficiency caused by health problems is hormone replacement, no conclusive studies on the effectiveness of the injection of testosterone hormone is associated with aging per se. However, it will help increase exercise stamina, libido and lean muscle mass when combined with proper diet and exercise.

Even so, a large number of physicians defend the benefits of treatment in the fight against aging. Some of them are offering these treatments to patients who complain of fatigue, difficulty losing weight, lack of concentration or decreased libido.

With over 20 centers throughout the United States and more than 20,000 patients, Cenegenics uses the image of the 74+ year old Dr. Jeffery Life to promote their services. Dr. Life led Cenegenics for many years, and he is certainly testimony to the effectiveness of this kind of therapy, at least in its original form. However, in recent years Cenengenic appears to be departing from its original focus of alternative Age Management care with emphasis on hormone replacement therapy, and transitioning more to an expensive vip medical clinic.

We’ve had more than a few Cenegenics patients come to us after their Cenegenics doctor recommended hGH. But in order to get hGH, a patient of Cenegenics needs to travel to Boca Raton for a special “Gold Standard” Insulin Tolerance Test which has risks to the patient. What’s more, the cost of hGH in the USA is almost double the cost in other countries. It’s clear, due to the political pressures Cenegenics has changed its Age Management strategy and now places less emphasis on optimizing the physiological hormone messaging occurring in ones body. Instead our investigation shows they invest more energy on selling you expensive vitamin supplements, perhaps some testosterone replacement, and promote you take exotic and unnecessary diagnostic tests just about any other general practitioner could order for you if you new the test in advance.


Is Cenegenics a scam?

With “before and after” photos, Dr. Life shows the results of his treatment of testosterone replacement combined with hGH, diet and exercise. In his before picture the doctor looks like your typical overweight middle-aged man. The after images of Dr. Life show a dramatic alteration and improvement in body composition. Following his therapy and transformation he looks amazing and closer to a 30 year old bodybuilder than a 74+ year old man. Considering Americans are suffering the effects of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancers at an ever increasing rate, doesn’t it make sense to use bio-identical hormone replacement, exercise and diet to stay healthier longer? The hormones play a key role in supplying all of us with the psychological motivation and the physical endurance necessary for success. Truth be told, our good hormones are declining more rapidly than in past generations due to common industrial chemicals we come in contact with each day. Combined with a diet high in processed foods with pesticides, it’s obvious why this is occurring.  We need to stop the insanity and use the scientific knowledge we have to do what is possible to slow this crisis.

In 2009, the National Institutes of Health in the U.S. began to investigate hormone replacement in men over 65, but the first results will not be known for some time to come. It will be interesting to see what this report’s findings are.

Meanwhile, a 2004 report from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences, a body of the U.S. government advisory, warns of the lack of conclusive studies about these treatments. Is this politically motivated? We are on the side of Life Extension, a health and wellness advocacy group, and The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, a group of 26,000 doctors and scientist from around the world focused on getting these much needed treatments more public exposure. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE POSITION PAPER FROM THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF ANTI-AGING MEDICINE HERE.

Our clinical evidence as well as a significant amount of other scientific research including personal anecdotal evidence has shown that by bringing ones hormone levels up to within their upper physiological range, combined with a good diet and exercise program, will will result in slowing, and even reversing many of the effects caused by aging. The aging process cannot be stopped, that is not our claim. However, it can be managed much more effectively than conventional medicine approaches it today. If you truly want a more youthful experience throughout your later years, you should contact us right away and meet with our highly trained medical team.

Check out some information about Cenegenics Alternatives and Cenegenics Cost.

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