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Chelation Costa Rica

Chelation Costa Rica

Chelation Costa Rica is a therapy in which an unnatural amino acid, called EDTA, diethylamino tetra-acetic acid, is administered to a patient intravenously, under the prescription and medical supervision formally

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Face and Body Care Center Costa Rica

10 secrets for glowing skin

Get the balance between beauty and health can be tricky. Many times we eat to look thinner, which leads to eating disorders. At other times, stress and worry, not enough

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Safe Source of Testosterone

Safe Source of Testosterone

Testosterone is no longer just for dopers and bodybuilders. The number of middle-aged men with prescriptions for testosterone is climbing rapidly. A recent study tracked 11 million men through a

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HGH and Medical Tourism

HGH and Medical Tourism

Why is it that the wealthiest of Americans are turning to Medical Tourism for the plastic surgeries, colonoscopies and anti-aging medical treatments? Well, medical privacy is a big factor. With

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Rejuvenecimiento facial en Costa Rica

Rejuvenecimiento Facial

En Anti Aging and Wellness Clinic ofrecemos una variedad de procedimientos cosméticos no quirúrgicos, incluyendo Botox, Rellenos faciales y Micro-Punción con plasma rico en plaquetas o sin él. Nuestros procedimientos

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